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Warrior (Fiann)
Warrior (Fiann)

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Product Code: OGM-FIN

with 1.2 mm snake chain

pendant with chain:

Sterling Silver Pendant measures 1 5/16 inches in length.  Gift boxed.  Each piece comes with an enclosure card showing the entire alphabet and the tree or plant associated with each letter and the meanings associated with each letter.  The Bard, Druid, and Fiann pendants also include a card describing their role in Celtic Culture.  A Fiann was the elite of the warrior cast in Celtic culture.  They were highly trained in both armed and unarmed combat.  They were such skilled warriors it is said that they would stand to odds of nine to one armed and six to one unarmed.  They were also highly educated in history, languages, heraldry, laws and customs, poetry and medicine.  Their education was second only to the Bards.